Teaching Fellows

Passion and commitment: 

CERGE-EI Foundation Teaching Fellows

The CERGE-EI Foundation Teaching Fellows are dedicated young men and women who have returned to Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union to teach modern, market-based economics to the next generation. Some fellows have entered full-time academic careers (Career Integration Fellows or CIFs); others teach part-time while completing their PhDs or working in the public or private sector (Graduate Teaching Fellows or GTFs).  All have graduate training from leading western universities. They join a community of mutual support in an often difficult local environment.

The drivers of change

Education in economics is one of the least reformed areas in the post-communist world. In most institutions, professors are paid below poverty line salaries and as a result must hold down multiple jobs. Teaching materials are outdated and professional development opportunities are few. Poor instruction leaves future voters and leaders with little understanding of the workings or underlying logic of free markets. Young people are robbed of a quality education that can aid them in thinking critically about the problems facing their societies. This subsequently impedes the prospects for greater openness, growth, and prosperity in this important part of the world. 

A very real impact 

Since its inception in 2007, the CERGE-EI Foundation Teaching Fellows have taught:

142 000 +

180 +


2 500 +


The vast majority of students attended principles of economics or other basic courses, being exposed perhaps for the first time to the organizing concepts that have been developed to understand and promote the past 250 years of western economic growth.


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