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Program Details

Services for Teaching Fellows


The CERGE-EI Foundation Teaching Fellows Program aims to strengthen the quality of economic education throughout the post-communist region. It does so by providing supplemental income to selected western-trained academics who choose to work in academia in the region. But it goes well beyond providing additional income. The Career Integration Fellows program provides the following benefits:

  1. One-week training course in Prague at the start of their fellowship to support their teaching skills and to meet other Fellows from across the region and share experiences.

  2. Consultations with pedagogical and economics academic mentors to discuss course design, syllabi development and teaching tips.

  3. Access to the CERGE-EI library, one of the premier economics libraries in the region.

  4. An opportunity to spend up to one month on a research stay at CERGE-EI.

  5. An opportunity to participate in bi-weekly online live research seminars among the Teaching Fellows to present their research and share it with fellows and senior faculty from CERGE-EI and other partner institutions. 

  6. A yearly fellowship award in the amount of USD 8000.

  7. Access to, an international plagarism detection tool for reviewing student-submitted work.

Could you be a CERGE-EI Foundation Teaching Fellow?

The main qualifications for being a CERGE-EI Teaching Fellow are a passion for educating future generations and a belief in the power of economics to create a more prosperous world for all.


There are two types of Teaching Fellowship: 

(1)  Career Integration Fellows (CIF): In order to be considered eligible for the CIF fellowship program, specific eligibility conditions have been established. Applicants must be either a graduate in economics or a closely related field with their Ph.D. or M.A. degree from a university in North America, Australia/New Zealand or Western Europe, or from a US-accredited or chartered program in Central or Eastern Europe , or a near-graduate of such a program who expects to defend their Ph.D. thesis by the end of the first year of the fellowship.

At the time of application, applicants must either hold a full-time academic position at any non-profit (private or public) university in any Central or Eastern European/former Soviet Union country, or must have pre-arranged for a full-time position starting by the time the fellowship term begins. We consider a full-time academic appointment to include a teaching load of at least three economics courses (broadly defined within the economics discipline) per academic year.

Preference in the selection process is given to several factors, including: PhD degree holders over MA degree holders: degrees earned from highly-ranked universities; teaching loads with a) a large number of undergraduate courses with large enrollment and b) core courses, such as intro/principles of economics-type courses; applicants starting new academic careers over established academics and assuming positions at universities where their presence is likely to make the greatest positive impact on the university.

(2)  Graduate Teaching Fellows (GTF): Current graduate students and recent alumni primarily from partner institutions or western universities who desire to give back to their home region by teaching on a part-time basis.

How can I become a Teaching Fellow?


If you have the knowledge and the passion to join us in this enormously important effort, please contact us at:

If you are already employed in a full-time academic position in the region, you may still be eligible. More importantly, we may be able to help you identify and recruit colleagues to help in building your program. Again, for more information, contact us at

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