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Global Development Network (GDN)

The CERGE-EI Foundation has served as the Global Development Network's Regional Network for Central and Eastern Europe since its founding 1999 as a unit of the World Bank.


The GDN is a public international organization that supports high quality, policy-oriented, social science research in developing and transition countries. It supports researchers with financial resources, global networking, as well as access to information, training, peer 
review and mentoring.


GDN acts on the premise that better research leads to more informed policies and better, more inclusive development. It also believes that knowledge needs to be localized to be useful for policy, and that empowering developing country researchers leads to better informed policy debate, increased policy ownership, and more sustainable policy choices.

GDN follows a three-pronged strategy. It partners with research institutions in low-income countries to strengthen their capacities. It organizes and supports high-quality collaborative developing-country research across geographies and disciplines. It promotes and facilitates 
the use of development research by policymakers and other stakeholders. 


Since 1999, GDN has supported more than 4,000 researchers and grantees from around 140 developing and transition countries. GDN relies on the support provided by its funding partners, its ten regional network partners, and the strength of its global network in 
over 80 countries.

Regional Partners


Each Regional Partner plays a significant role in assessing the region's research priorities and develops the basic framework for managing GDN activities.

The CERGE-EI GDN administrative office actively works to ensure that mailings, e-mailings and web-based information reaches as broad an audience as possible. If you are interested in being added to our database or learning more about the GDN, please send an e-mail to

GDN is headquartered in New Delhi, India.


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