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Faculty Development

Through the generosity of our donors, CERGE-EI Foundation in collaboration with CERGE-EI offers a faculty development course Teaching Principles and Practices to a small number of economics faculties at regional universities each year. This is a spin-off of the highly successful training program which all new CERGE-EI Foundation Teaching Fellows attend before they begin to teach under our auspices. 

The 5-day course comprises a series of seminars and workshops, grounded in current economics and education literature. The course introduces a range of effective approaches and methods to teaching and is delivered by pedagogical mentors from the Academic Skills Center at CERGE-EI. Participants learn to apply the principles into practice, and peer feedback is a key component. Participants who complete the course receive a certificate from CERGE-EI. 

Program beneficiaries


Over 300 faculty members at these seven institutions have completed the program since its beginning in 2015:

  • Graduate School of Economics and Management, Ural Federal University,  Yekaterinburg (Russia)

  • Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg (Russia)

  • International School of Economics (ISET), Tbilisi (Georgia)

  • University of Economics (VŠE) Bratislava (Slovakia)

  • University of Shkoder Luigi Gurakuqi, Shkoder (Albania)

  • University of National and World Economy, Sofia (Bulgaria)​

  • University of Prishtina, Prishtina (Kosovo)

Course content


  • Teaching in today’s world

  • Teaching in English

  • Preparing courses & classes

  • Teaching large classes 

  • Observing teachers and giving feedback to peers

  • Practice teaching and feedback

  • Handling teaching & plagiarism

  • Evaluating teachers, dealing with difficult students and classes

  • Teaching Distance Courses

  • Tips for Teaching Large Courses by Distance

  • Interactive Teaching Tools

If you are interested in learning more about the program, contact us at

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