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All DLP courses are supported by faculty or PhD students (local instructors) at participating universities: a longer-term objective of the project is to aid local capacity-building. Prior to joining the Distance Learning Program, all local instructors are required to complete the Pedagogical Training for Local Instructors. This training program comprises seminars and workshops that emphasize the latest educational best practices in the fields of Education and Economics Education, as drawn from current literature.

If your university is interested in becoming a part of our Distance Learning Program, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Local Instructors' Feedback


“This was a huge investment for my professional career. I realized the importance of content, learning environment and delivery, and this knowledge is a step-forward to building interactive and engaging lectures. Thank you for this awesome opportunity.”

“The training increased my confidence in a role as a teacher, especially, in the context of online lessons. I’m going to use the given templates and introduce new teaching strategies into my teaching practice.”

“I got useful tips on how to prevent students from cheating on the exam and on how to enhance teaching small-, medium-, and large-size classes online.”

“The course itself was a worthwhile experience, both to learn something new, and to refresh my perspective on giving lessons after teaching for years.”

“This experience was tremendous, as teachers we always lack peer to peer communication and evaluation. This course gave us these opportunities in an international environment, where we could exchange experiences with peers from other countries. The time chosen for the course was very convenient – right before the start of the new academic year so that we could use some of the innovations learnt in our upcoming courses.“

“The most inspiring part was giving and receiving feedback, which was very detailed and relevant, which allowed us to look at existing gaps to turn them into advantages in the future.”



Since we have lectures together with other students, our students may see and feel that they are the part of world educational process and that they are not worse than any other student from any other country.”

Local instructor from Black Sea National University in Ukraine

“The main instructor inspired me in many ways. She sparked my interest in behavioral economics, and I will invest more time and effort in exploring this field further and, hopefully, offer it to students at my Faculty. I really liked her teaching style and the way she engages the students.”

Local instructor from the University of Split in Croatia

“This course was a great opportunity to benchmark own level of understanding internationally for those willing to study at CERGE-EI or similar programs to prepare their plans for applying and studying.”

Local Instructor from Westminster International University in Tashkent in Uzbekistan

“The way the main instructor organized, communicated, and delivered the course contributed to my enhanced teaching capacity in terms of structuring the materials coherently and explaining the complex concepts in evidence-based and understanding way. The instructor's grading guidelines helped me to improve my grading practice in terms of fairness and base it on important knowledge of students' understanding. As I myself studied and researched the course themes based on the lectures and readings, I gained sectoral knowledge in Development Economics as well.”

Local instructor from the University of Central Asia in Kyrgyzstan


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