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Undergraduate Program in Central European Studies (UPCES)

UPCES is one of the world's top study abroad programs. Run by CERGE-EI in cooperation with Charles University's Faculty and Humanities and the CERGE-EI Foundation, the Undergraduate Program in Central European Studies (UPCES) serves dozens of students from the USA every semester. 


The mission of the program is to provide American undergraduates with an unmatched semester abroad in Prague through dedicated instruction, international integration, and excellent program support. UPCES is designed to give students a multifaceted immersion in the social and cultural environment of the Czech Republic. Its students take classes in central Prague, have multiple excursions around the Czech Republic and abroad, and experience Prague as the locals do.

Key Features

  • Czech and other European students from Charles University enroll in UPCES courses and seminars.

  • UPCES organizes frequent cultural activities for students, each of which offers an introduction to a unique side of Czech culture. 

  • UPCES students live as locals do, in apartments located throughout the city center.

  • Upon arrival in Prague, UPCES students have the opportunity to be matched with Czech students to help them navigate the city and culture.

  • UPCES organizes social gatherings with Czech and Erasmus students to places such as museums, festivals, concerts, quiz nights, and more.

  • UPCES trips always include Czech and other European students.


To learn more about the program visit its website.

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