Our Team

Katarína Stehlíková


Program Manager


Tel: +420 602 439 130

E-mail: KStehlikova@cerge-ei-foundation.org

Katarína Stehlíková works on CERGE-EI research digest Insights prepared in cooperation with CERGE-EI Development and PR Department, and she develops and coordinates activities delivered through the newly established Digital Media Center to CERGE-EI Foundation's partners in the region. Katarína completed her Ph.D. at CERGE-EI in 2007 after receiving her MA in Mathematics and Management from Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia. Before her cooperation with the CERGE-EI Foundation, she worked for over twelve years at Anglo-American University in Prague, starting at the position of the Dean of School of Business Administration, at the end serving as the Vice President for Academic Quality.


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