In Spring 2020, the CERGE-EI Foundation launched a pilot project to live stream bachelor’s and master’s level courses to universities across Eastern Europe and Central Asia in line with its mission to strengthen economics education across the region.

The objective of the project is to provide specialized, advanced courses which could be difficult for many institutions to offer, either because of insufficient student demand or because of a lack of faculty with the relevant expertise. The Prague-based faculty are western-qualified and the courses are taught in English. They are supported by faculty or PhD students at the participating institutions: a longer-term objective of the project is to aid local capacity-building.

The courses are delivered online from CERGE-EI’s Digital Media Center and live streamed to multiple locations. Faculty are also able to teach from home if the pandemic situation demands. Equally, students at participating universities may attend these classes remotely.

The simultaneous participation of several universities encourages interaction between students in different countries, encourages comparison and motivation, enables students to experience an international classroom in a home environment, and avoids the problem of low enrollment at a particular institution.

This exciting and ambitious project is funded by private donation. The Foundation is actively seeking additional funds to support its continued development. 

Courses streamed in 2020, Institution (Country)

Spring 2021: course offerings
  • Behavioral Economics

  • Development Economics

  • Energy Economics & Climate Policy

  • Education Economics

  • Experimental Economics

  • Health Economics

  • Financial Markets

  • Introduction to Data Science 

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